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This year my company’s business conference is being held in Leeds, where we will stay for an entire weekend and possibly one week day. Unlike last year, I plan on bring life to a dull party. I am going to contact Leeds escort agency before I leave for my trip, so that way when I arrive I will have a beautiful woman awaiting me. I figure since the company is filled full of men and no women, that I would take it upon myself to add some beauty into the mix. I have heard great things about the agency and have a feeling that I will not be let down when meeting my escort for the first time. Although the awkwardness of meeting someone knew will strike, it will easily be forgotten and I will take her out for the evening and maybe even bring her to the company dinner if it’s suitable.

Hobbies @ 19 January 2015, Comments Off

Wow, it has been a year since that creep dumped me. I don’t understand why he would want to say goodbye to such a wonderful woman. I am smart, beautiful, kind, loving, and passionate. I gave that jerk everything he wanted and then some. But, the hot little number in 4B enticed him to a life of adultery and lies. Yes, I know we weren’t married, but he was everything to me, and we had pledged ourselves to each other. He told me he was tired of fuck buddy dating, tired of the single life, and ready to settle down with me. He told me he wanted a family and a house with a white picket fence. I should have known he was telling lies when he was hanging out with his buddies at the sports bar every night. When will I learn my lesson?

Web Design @ 07 January 2015, Comments Off

All my life I have loved to draw. When I was younger I would draw cartoon characters like Batman, Spider-man, and Superman. Ever since I can remember, I have always wanted to draw my comic book. I have had may ideas for comic books over the years. My mother, father, and grandmother have always been very support of my ideas. They have complemented me on my talent many times.

When I discovered computer, I discovered a whole new world of drawing. Now, I cam make my characters movie. My mother found me a great animation program that I can use to animate my characters. I have had a lot of fun with the program. I learned that I could design video games and programs. I will have to go to school for that. My mother says that this type of career is in high demand. I have a new dream; I want to go to school for escort web design.